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An Ecosystem Approach

Project Evident is committed to building a new culture of evidence where practitioners are in the driver’s seat.

A New Culture of Evidence

The status quo in evidence building has caused inefficiencies, burnout, and distrust. We’ve seen how, when outside evaluators and funders set incentives and evidence agendas, practitioners don’t end up getting the information they need to improve their programs.

Practitioners—the leaders and program staff at nonprofits, school districts, and public agencies—are the ones that are directly responsible for serving communities. They have unmatched knowledge and experience and should be in the driver’s seat.

We’re committed to flipping the script by shifting power, priorities, and resources toward next generation evidence practices. We work from all angles, combining deep consulting partnerships with field-building initiatives that seek to build an equitable and practitioner-centric evidence ecosystem.

When people closest to the work can define and measure what matters most, evidence building can become a powerful tool to improve outcomes for communities.

Consulting Partnerships

Project Evident partners directly with practitioners, funders, and policymakers at every stage of the evidence-building journey, from building Strategic Evidence Plans to assessing data and technology needs.


Set and drive your agenda for evidence building. We can help you with all aspects of data and evidence to build and implement a Strategic Evidence Plan that is grounded in your operational realities and needs.

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Improve your organization's use of evidence, support grantees in generating their own evidence, and build tools and resources for the field. Funders have a critical role to play—we help you align resources, people, and technology to drive impact.

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Understand what works for the communities you serve. We help you strengthen your capacity to use evidence to inform equitable decision making and to better support practitioners and communities.

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Districts & Education Agencies

Improve student outcomes through better use of data. We help you strengthen data collection and analytics, implement continuous improvement, and plan for uncertainty, all while integrating community voice.

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Equitable Outcomes Wallet

The Equitable Outcomes Wallet provides organizations with free evidence-related technical assistance, helping them deliver strong, equitable outcomes for the communities they serve.

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Key Initiatives

We’re building a new field that puts practitioners and the communities they serve in the driver’s seat. We develop resources, tools, and innovative solutions to advance a stronger and more equitable evidence ecosystem.

Actionable Evidence

Improving outcomes for students by promoting evidence that is timely, credible, practical, equitably produced.

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Center for Behavioral Design and Social Justice

Building systems that prioritize human needs, especially in communities that have historically been marginalized.

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AI for Equitable Outcomes

Advancing safe and equitable AI in the social and education sectors through technical assistance and by developing tools and resources to support learning and collaboration.

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Next Generation Evidence Campaign

Working toward a stronger, more equitable evidence ecosystem that centers practitioners and communities, connects equity with data and evidence, elevates community voices, embraces a continuous R&D approach, and broadens our definitions of evidence.

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Harnessing the power of evidence

Project Evident builds trusting partnerships and expands access to tools so that leaders have what they need to improve outcomes for their communities.

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