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Evidence helps you understand and do more of what works

We help you strengthen your capacity to use evidence wisely to inform equitable decision making and better support practitioners and communities.

Evidence is a powerful tool that can help policymakers better understand the root causes of complex issues, spotlight inequities, and guide more effective policy and resource allocation decisions. The evidence-based policy movement has made great strides in how public agencies consider data and evidence. However, in the face of continued—and increasing—inequities, it is time we rethink and modernize our approach in order to provide more equitable opportunities for all.

Advance your strategic priorities

Our Strategic Evidence Planning process gives you a roadmap, with detailed guidance and recommendations, for continuous evidence building and program improvement. This includes developing a learning agenda, reviewing your specific context and capacity to identify investments and actions needed to achieve your goals, and creating materials to support alignment with internal and external partners. 

Deepen your engagement with communities

We can work with you to develop strategies and processes to strengthen your engagement with the communities you serve, ensuring that they are empowered as active and informed participants in efforts addressing the issues they face.

Strengthen your capacity for equitable data collection and use

Through customized technical assistance and our cohort-based Evidence and Equity Accelerators, we work with public agencies at the federal, state, and local levels to help them consider how equity shows up across all aspects of data collection and use, and to improve their capacity to design and implement approaches with a goal of achieving more equitable outcomes. This includes supporting government agencies’ intensive, ongoing work to implement the Executive Order on Advancing Racial Equity, Executive Order on Scientific Integrity and Evidence-Based Policymaking, and the 2018 Evidence Act.

Next Generation Evidence Campaign

Advancing a stronger, more equitable evidence ecosystem.

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