Evidence helps you amplify impact

We help funders use evidence to understand and improve their own impact, and to build evidence capacity for their grantees.

We partner with funders to use evidence to achieve their own goals and better understand and support their grantees, with an emphasis on equitable outcomes for the communities they serve.

Strengthen your use of data and evidence

Focusing on your organization’s use of data and evidence can help advance your strategic priorities, support learning and decision-making in your organization, and better support your grantees and the outcomes intended by your funding. We offer services and support for funders who are looking to develop their capabilities across investing and grantmaking, portfolio management, evaluation, and data analytics. 

Support evidence building for your grantees

Funders have an opportunity to help their grantees strengthen data, decision making, and evidence building skills—the challenge is understanding how to provide the best right-sized technical assistance to help them collect the right information, at the right time, that allows them to learn, improve performance, and achieve greater impact for their communities. 

Support continuous evidence building and program improvement

We can partner with you (or your grantees) on Strategic Evidence Planning, creating an individualized roadmap with detailed & actionable recommendations to support goals. We also provide implementation support and general technical assistance to support data and evidence capacity, performance measurement, evaluation, technology and data, and other data needs, including data analytics.

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Develop resources, tools, and solutions for the field

The goals of our field-building work are to improve conditions, accelerate learning, and change practice in support of actionable and equitable evidence building for practitioners. We partner with funders to develop and share tools and resources, foster a community of evidence leaders committed to next generation practices, and design innovative solutions and supports. We partner with our direct services team and others in the field to inform our strategies, lift up use cases, and share learning in support of stronger, more meaningful, and more equitable outcomes.

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