About Us

Harnessing the Power of Evidence

We are changing the way evidence is done.

Project Evident is at the forefront of a shift in the way we understand and act on what works in the social and education sectors. We launched in 2017 out of a sense of “constructive dissatisfaction” with the one-study-at-a-time approach, where funders and researchers drove research agendas instead of practitioners. Now, we’re a growing team of 35 across the country, working in partnership to modernize, humanize, and scale how evidence is built and used.

We are unapologetically practitioner-centric.

For too long, practitioners—the leaders and program staff at nonprofits, school districts, and public agencies—have been asked to provide evidence that doesn’t match up with what they need to learn in order to improve outcomes. Core to our organization is the belief that by empowering practitioners with actionable data and evidence, we can create stronger, more meaningful, and more equitable outcomes for communities.

We connect evidence with equity.

We believe that evidence is a promising and powerful driver of equity. It can shine a light on those who have been overlooked and help us understand what works (and what doesn’t), for whom, and under what conditions. Achieving equitable outcomes requires that principles of equity inform both how data and evidence are built and used, and the types of outcomes we seek to achieve.

We are building a new equitable ecosystem.

In order to catalyze the sea change we need, Project Evident works from all angles, engaging and collaborating across sectors to build a new culture of evidence. We take an ecosystem approach that puts practitioners at the center while engaging all stakeholders, including funders, policymakers, researchers and communities, in changing the culture and practices of evidence.

Evidence is power—let’s build power where it matters most.


An Interdisciplinary Team

Our team combines expertise in evaluation, data and technology, policy, philanthropy, and nonprofit management with a shared goal of improving the ecosystem for evidence.

What drives us

Our Values

Project Evident strives to be a trusted partnerto practitioners, funders, and other stakeholders committed to stronger, meaningful, and equitable outcomes for communities and individuals so that all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential.* We believe in the power of data and evidence to address social and racial justice, and seek to advance a next generation  ecosystem for actionable evidence building and use. We live into our mission through our values, specifically: 


We center on practitioners, and ground our work in their needs and contexts. We help practitioners strengthen meaningful and equitable outcomes for the communities and individuals they serve, and lift up their work so it can be better understood and supported by funders and policy makers. 

Committed to Learning, Inclusion, and Transparency

We are frank, honest, and compassionate with our colleagues, clients, funders, and stakeholders. We seek input and feedback from a wide range of voices and share our learnings openly with others. We recognize that evidence is not immune from the racism and inequities that exist in our society, and strive to understand the context in which we operate and to uphold the principles of belonging, dignity, and justice through our work.

Oriented to Actionable Evidence

We build and use relevant and timely data and evidence with our partners and ourselves to continuously learn, improve, and make meaningful, equitable, and cost effective decisions.

Smart, Warm, Approachable, and Productive
  • Smart: We strive to find practical, implementable solutions.
  • Warm: We bring heart and positivity to our work and work through discomfort.
  • Approachable: We keep open and curious minds, welcoming differing viewpoints and valuing the ideas and experiences of our partners.
  • Productive: We hold ourselves accountable to the goals and timelines we set with our colleagues and partners,  and course correct as needed.

*Language around equitable outcomes is drawn from PolicyLink’s definition of equity with their permission.

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