For Education Agencies

Evidence helps you drive better results for students

We help school districts and education agencies use data and evidence to improve student outcomes.

Our Education Agency Practice supports state and local education leaders to more effectively use their data and evidence to continuously improve operational, financial, policy, and programmatic decisions in the pursuit of better student outcomes. Prioritizing the needs and timelines of practitioners, we work with state education agencies, education service centers, school districts, charter management organizations, and other K-12 educational institutions to address pressing issues like chronic absenteeism, student literacy, math performance, and COVID-19 learning loss.

We specialize in continuous improvement and strategic resource allocation. Our comprehensive evidence-based continuous improvement process helps education leaders and their teams develop focused, thoughtful solutions with an achievable and measurable plan for implementation, while building capacity to use data and evidence along the way.  

With equity and inclusion at the heart of our methods, we work with state and district teams to incorporate the voices of those most impacted by educational policies and choices throughout, including instructional staff, families, and students. 

Advance your agenda

When we engage in continuous improvement and strategic resource allocation with any agency, we begin our work by analyzing your district’s data in an area (or multiple areas) that is of utmost importance to you.  Building on the analysis, we help you identify key trends for prioritization and work with you to identify root causes based on their unique context and community. Solutions are then identified and developed with stakeholder input and a multi-year financial model is developed to help ensure the strategies can be implemented and sustained. We then support strategy implementation, progress monitoring and impact evaluation.   

Depending on the need, this engagement can include the entire continuous improvement and strategic resource allocation process of a portion of the process. This customized support optimizes the chances of success and impact and allows for iteration and adaption as needed. Previously, we have helped state education agencies review their district improvement process, and helped an urban school district improve their career and technical education program and offerings from planning to implementation.

We provide this service to school districts, education service centers, and state education agencies. 

Learn together with peers

In instances where multiple agencies aspire to learn and apply evidence-based continuous improvement and strategic resource allocation practices, we offer cohort learning experiences. As a part of the cohort, we walk districts through their data and the continuous improvement and strategic resource allocation process. In addition to a structured curriculum, district teams will participate in individual working sessions using their own data as well as collaborative problem-solving sessions. As a result of this work, districts from our cohorts have reallocated funding, realigned school master schedules, and begun using the tools we provided in other areas of their work.

We provide this service to school districts and education service centers providing technical assistance to districts.

Build capacity for sustainability

For agencies hoping to build their organization’s capacity to better generate and use evidence for continuous improvement and strategic resource allocation, Project Evident offers training programs for the different aspects of the continuous improvement and strategic resource allocation process, including how to conduct data analytics, interpret and communicate data findings, facilitate the continuous improvement process with others, and strategically think about budgeting and resources. We have trained state support teams, district teams, and aspiring superintendents in this work.

We provide this service to school districts, education service centers, and state education agencies.


Supporting Sustainability of Accelerated Learning Workshops

Project Evident is hosting a series of free convenings to equip Ohio school districts with practical tools and strategies to make budgeting decisions that are evidence-based and aligned with their values.