Equitable Outcomes Wallet

The Equitable Outcomes Wallet supports leaders in delivering better outcomes for their communities.

The Equitable Outcomes Wallet connects nonprofit organizations with evidence-related technical assistance, helping them deliver strong, equitable outcomes for the communities they serve.

For too long, data and evidence work has been out of reach for many organizations due to cost or a lack of capacity. With philanthropic support from the Barr Foundation, MacKenzie Scott, and Bank of America, the Equitable Outcomes Wallet provides free resources and technical assistance to nonprofits early in their data and evidence journeys—especially those led by women and BIPOC. Whether just starting out or working to further build their skills, Project Evident and a coalition of committed partners meet organizations where they are, offering a range of supports around data, evidence, outcomes-based budgeting, and communications.

Equitable Outcomes Wallet Offerings

Curated Content 

Articles and instructional videos about core aspects of evidence building.

Webinars and Master classes 

Learning opportunities related to critical topics on data, evidence, planning, leadership, and communications.


For organizations needing more generalized support who are trying to determine their next steps. Organizations will be paired with a Technical Assistance provider to help them navigate their journey to evidence-building.


Microdoses of technical assistance for troubleshooting a specific issue. One-on-one guidance focuses on a specific issue.

Custom Engagements

Individualized consulting across equitable data and evaluation capacity, finance/scenario planning, communicating data and evidence, or using data and evidence to secure funding.

Who Will the Wallet Serve?

The Equitable Outcomes Wallet will serve organizations that generally satisfy the following characteristics:

  • Organizations led by BIPOC and/or women that are committed to serving communities disproportionately affected by economic downturn, the COVID-19 pandemic, and/ or racism.
  • Community-based organizations with “proximate” leadership (i.e. shared lived experience with the issue area the organization is focused on, a member of the community the organization serves, or of a shared identity with the target population).
  • Mission-driven organization at an early stage of their evidence journey, with a clear interest in learning and improvement. These are generally under-resourced organizations that have limited capacity or ability to pay for external evaluation and learning consultants. 
  • Organizations with a focus on education, wellbeing, or opportunity:
    • Education: works with key stakeholders (I.e. State & local education agencies, intermediaries serving K-12 systems, nonprofits and funders) to ensure students have necessary support in and out of the classroom.
    • Opportunity: works with key stakeholders (I.e. nonprofits, funders, policymakers, and other intermediaries) to increase workforce and employment opportunities to historically disadvantaged populations, including youth experiencing poverty and formerly incarcerated individuals
    • Wellbeing: works with key stakeholders (I.e. nonprofits, funders, agencies, and other intermediaries) in child welfare, youth development, social emotional learning, food and housing security, and health access.

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With critical philanthropic support, the Equitable Outcomes Wallet has the potential to support hundreds of under-resourced organizations in using data and evidence to drive stronger and more equitable outcomes. If you’re interested in supporting this work, email us at wallet@projectevident.org.