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Our tools and resources are designed to help leaders assess and improve their data and evidence practices.

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Responsible AI Adoption in Philanthropy

A holistic evaluation framework with pragmatic guidance to help grantmakers adopt AI in alignment with their core values.
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AI Readiness Diagnostic

A tool to help social and education sector organizations understand and improve their readiness to engage with AI.
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Next Generation Evidence Approaches in Philanthropy and Practice

A conversation about new principles and technologies enabling funders and practitioners to build trust and achieve more equitable outcomes.

A Beginner’s Guide to Evidence Building

This guide covers the basics of evidence: what it is, why you need it, and how to get started.

Actionable Evidence Framework

A practical framework for research, evaluation, and technical assistance in the education and social sectors.
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Making Wise Decisions

Making Wise Decisions is a free toolkit that aims to eliminate a very common and major struggle for mission-driven organizations: finding the right data system, or optimizing the one that’ ...

Promising Procurement Practices to Maximize Learning Recovery

A guide for State Education Agencies (SEAs), Local Education Agencies (LEAs), and other stakeholders on effectively engaging with vendors to support school reopening and learning recovery.
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Making Data and Evidence Tools for Justice

Data and evidence can be powerful tools to help us spotlight inequities, better understand root causes, and achieve greater impact. But leaders too often make prejudiced choices us ...

Unlocking Real-Time Evidence for Practitioners

First Place for Youth helps youth who have aged out of the child welfare system build the skills they need to make a successful transition to self-sufficiency and responsible adulthood. ...

Opportunities for Actionable Evidence Approaches at the Institute of Education Sciences

An interactive discussion on the opportunities IES sees for generating and using evidence that is actionable for practitioners, researchers, and policymakers; upcoming evaluation guideline ...