For Nonprofits

Evidence helps you understand and improve outcomes

We partner with you to build and use evidence to improve program practices and equitable outcomes for the communities you serve.

When we work together, we’ll look at opportunities to strengthen your evidence-building capabilities and deliver relevant, cost-effective solutions. We will help your organization address important questions and make decisions that improve outcomes in education, opportunity, and wellbeing for your communities.

Our services can help you with evidence building at every stage—strategy and planning, implementation, and training and learning—so that you can:

Advance your strategic priorities

Our Strategic Evidence Planning process gives you a roadmap, with detailed guidance and recommendations, for continuous evidence building and program improvement. This includes vision and goal-setting and a review of your specific context and capacity to identify investments and actions needed to achieve goals. 

Help your programs generate the outcomes you seek

We can work with you to update your theory of change or logic model with an eye toward evidence, helping you articulate the how and why, and/or the specific causal mechanisms through which your programs are likely to generate the desired outcomes. 

Identify the best systems and structure to collect and use your data

We can help you think through your data governance (the structures for classifying, organizing, and communicating organizational data) as well as review, adapt, and implement your existing and needed data systems for collecting, storing, and using data. We can help you leverage AI for evidence building in a way that supports team learning and innovation and accelerates equitable outcomes.

Understand which data should be collected, for what purpose, and at what time

We can help you establish a measurement framework to structure tools to capture and analyze common elements of your program delivery, and identify what, when, and how data should be collected. 

Support learning and decision-making in your organization

We can partner with you to develop a learning agenda, a structured set of prioritized research questions and activities to ensure that learning is focused on the needs and goals of your organization.

Communicate about evidence, both internally and externally

We help you understand, articulate, and report on what your data and evidence mean, so that your staff and board are aligned and your funders understand the implications and opportunities of your work.