Evidence measures impact. fights inequality. accelerates growth. influences change. is power.

When practitioners are empowered with actionable data and evidence, we can create stronger, more meaningful, more equitable outcomes for communities.

The status quo in evidence building is holding us back

For too long, practitioners—the leaders and program staff at nonprofits, school districts, and public agencies—have been asked to provide evidence that doesn't match up with what they need to learn in order to improve outcomes.


Limited ability to define and measure what matters most

Burdensome Requirements
Audit-Centered Approach
Low Support From Funders
Intermittent Data Collection

The future of evidence

How do we find a better way forward?

We are building a new equitable evidence ecosystem

Project Evident builds trusting partnerships and expands access to tools so that leaders have what they need to improve outcomes for their communities.

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We are unapologetically practitioner-centric


Define success and align resources to drive impact


Engage fully throughout the process


Resource and elevate the work


Set conditions through policy and procurement


Partner to provide guidance and technical expertise

We take an ecosystem approach that puts practitioners at the center while engaging all stakeholders in changing the culture and practices of evidence-building.

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The power is in the evidence

Evidence demonstrates clear impact, guides critical decision-making, deepens shared understanding, enables learning, improvement, and innovation, and leads to more equitable outcomes.

what is a strategic evidence plan?


Strategic Evidence Plans completed

Focused on impact? Unlock your evidence.

We share tools and resources for practitioners at every stage of their evidence-building journey. Our Beginner’s Guide to Evidence Building covers the basics: what evidence is, why you need it, and how to get started.

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Data and Evidence,

Project Evident Launches Initiative to Help Ohio Schools with Strategic Budgeting and Resource Allocation

Equipping school districts with practical tools and strategies to support improved outcomes for Ohio schools and students.
Data and Evidence,

Supporting Sustainability of Accelerated Learning Workshops

Project Evident is partnering with the Ohio Educational Service Center Association (OESCA) and the Department of Education and Workforce through Future Forward Ohio to help school districts

Inspiring Action: Identifying the Social Sector AI Opportunity Gap

A new working paper on the current use of, interest in, and opportunity for AI in the social and education sectors.