AI Readiness Diagnostic

AI provides exciting opportunities to support practitioner decision making, accelerate R&D and evidence building, and strengthen equitable outcomes for students and communities.

However, designing an AI pilot is a cross-organization strategic project that requires clarity of purpose, an equity lens, and a baseline of skills and data before you can begin.

Our beta AI Readiness Diagnostic is designed to help you understand and improve your organization’s readiness to engage with AI. The self-assessment will delve into various aspects of your organization’s readiness for AI, including:

  • Design for Justice and Equity
  • Strategic Purpose
  • Knowledge and Skills
  • Data and Systems

This diagnostic is intended to be completed collaboratively with members of your organization’s technology, evaluation, and program teams, as there are questions that pertain to each of these areas of expertise.

After completing the self assessment, you will be provided with a customized report that includes score interpretations, suggested next steps, and resources to support your continued preparation for a future AI pilot. 

The information gathered from this survey will be treated with strict confidentiality and responses will be anonymized and aggregated for analysis. The blended results will help Project Evident develop an informed AI support roadmap for the field.

Please note that this we are currently piloting a minimal viable product (MVP) version of the diagnostic with limited technical and design features. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to test and refine this tool—we encourage you to share your experiences and ideas for improvement at!