Key Initiatives

AI for Equitable Outcomes

Advancing safe and equitable AI in the social and education sectors.

The field of artificial intelligence is rapidly evolving, with the power to accelerate stronger and more equitable outcomes for people and communities. AI helps social and education sector organizations improve operational efficiency, strengthen outcomes, and contribute to field and policy change for the good of civil society. However, AI is not widely used by these organizations today. 

Building off our work to promote a stronger and more equitable evidence ecosystem, we are advancing the use of AI in the social and education sectors. In line with our Principles of Next Generation Evidence, we believe that AI technologies must center the needs of practitioners and the communities they serve, attend to systemic and structural conditions, and prioritize decision-making and learning. We partner with leading experts in technology, philanthropy, policy, and social innovation to advance AI knowledge and adoption among nonprofits, philanthropies, and school districts so that we can seize this pivotal moment in technological transformation for better, more equitable outcomes. 

OutcomesAI Technical Assistance 

Our cross-disciplinary team and network of partners provide consulting and technical assistance to practitioners and funders that are interested in using AI to build, use, and mobilize data and evidence to understand and improve their impact, support decision making, advance R&D, and allocate resources toward better and more equitable outcomes. This collaborative, shared services approach allows us to provide our partners with the capabilities, flexibility, and speed this moment calls for.

Building the Field

We work with funders, practitioners, researchers and others to build a more equitable and inclusive AI field. We highlight stories of leading individuals and organizations engaging with AI for equitable outcomes, develop open access tools and resources, and facilitate initiatives and convenings to foster knowledge sharing, collaboration, and a community of innovators and early adopters. 

Recent examples of this work include:

  • A national survey and report on the current use of, interest in, and opportunity for AI in the social and education sectors in collaboration with Stanford’s Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence.
  • A holistic evaluation framework to support grantmakers in adopting AI in alignment with their core values in partnership with the Technology Association of Grantmakers.
  • A readiness diagnostic pilot to help social and education sector organizations understand and improve their readiness to engage with AI  and inform an advanced  diagnostic and matching mechanism to pair practitioners with the people and resources they need to advance the work.
  • Case studies on early adopter organizations planning for AI implementation, including working with Project Evident to develop blueprints for how AI can further stronger and more equitable outcomes.

Our Commitment

While we believe in the power of AI to support stronger and more equitable outcomes, we are also aware of the risks AI adoption carries around bias, data security, and transparency. Many of our resources are focused on supporting organizations in doing the work necessary to safely and ethically engage with AI, work we are actively engaged in ourselves. We are also committed to the EDSAFE AI Alliance’s SAFE Benchmarks Framework in our AI efforts and across all of Project Evident’s work.

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