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Advanced Information Architecture

Help practitioners understand how artificial intelligence can be leveraged to improve equitable outcomes.

Artificial intelligence (AI) applications in the for-profit sector have ushered in a new era of efficiency, customization, and predictive analytics. Despite their potential for innovation and change, AI applications have not been widely taken up in the social and education sectors. Most concerningly, AI has not been designed or implemented with equity in mind.

Project Evident has launched a pilot with a cohort of practitioners eager to utilize AI to improve program outcomes. Ultimately, we aim to broaden our reach across sectors and continue to lift up examples of noteworthy AI solutions for the social good. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed intractable challenges in the social and education sectors, and we must respond. We must equip practitioners with the necessary tools to provide groundbreaking solutions for communities most in need.

Project Evident interviewed 26 organizations—including technology providers, practitioners interested in AI, and thought leaders—to better understand the use of AI in the social sector. We found that organizations are eager to use AI and have well-founded concerns that poorly used AI could erode equity. Working with an inaugural cohort of education practitioners, we developed a cohort model to support nonprofits to develop their understanding of AI and bias, provide tangible steps to plan for an AI project using human-centered design, and develop a timeline and budget.

This work brings together program, technology, and leadership staff so they can learn together and envision how AI could meaningfully enhance their equity and impact goals. Practitioners leave the program with blueprints to engage internal and external stakeholders to prioritize resources needed for important innovations in their models.

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