Project Evident Update

The Request for Information Guide: Improving Government Human Services Contracting

By Tamar Bauer and Sara Peters
February 2019
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Project Evident and Results for America are excited to announce the release of a brand new, jointly produced Request for Information Guide. This year-in-the-making RFI guide leads government and human services providers through a series of Collaborative Procurement Questions that can be used over the course of the entire government contracting process, including in an RFI itself, to strengthen the human services contracting process. Requests for Information (RFIs) allow government, community stakeholders, and human services providers the opportunity to identify relevant community challenges, co-create strategies to solve those challenges, and design the best procurement structures to achieve the desired outcomes. Results for America and Project Evident came together to develop this RFI Guide because we believe that building stronger, results-focused partnerships between government, human services providers, and the community will contribute to meaningful and sustained outcomes for communities in need. This important work begins at the earliest stages of human services contracting – the Request for Information stage.

“In order to advance a more dynamic, solutions-oriented government procurement process, government and human services providers should follow a more thorough, consistent, outcomes-focused, and collaborative procurement process.”