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Project Evident Launches Initiative to Help Ohio Schools with Strategic Budgeting and Resource Allocation

April 10, 2024

Project Evident, a nonprofit organization dedicated to harnessing the power of evidence for greater impact, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with the Ohio Educational Service Center Association (OESCA) and the Department of Education and Workforce through Future Forward Ohio.  

Through a series of regional workshops and a statewide convening, the initiative aims to equip school districts with practical tools and strategies to make budgeting decisions that are evidence-based and aligned with their values and the unique needs of Ohio schools and students. These workshops will provide participants with hands-on training and guidance on utilizing data to identify priorities, make informed trade-off decisions, and strategically allocate resources for maximum impact and sustainability. 

“School districts today face many challenges, including declining enrollment, poor student performance, and staffing shortages. Empowering district leaders with the knowledge and tools to make evidence-based resource allocation decisions is crucial for academic improvement and financial sustainability,” said Bi Vuong, Managing Director of Project Evident’s Education Agency Practice. “By partnering with OESCA and the Department of Education and Workforce, we are excited to bring our expertise in strategic budgeting, continuous improvement, and data analytics to support improved outcomes for Ohio students.” 

The series of workshops will cover a range of topics, including strategic budgeting and multi-year financial planning, evidence-based continuous improvement, data and analytics, policy and practice improvement. Regional workshops will also have a tailored focus on the unique and highest priorities within that geography. Participants can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to leverage data and evidence to drive impactful decision-making processes within their districts. The workshops will be facilitated by experts from Project Evident and members of the Education Service Centers who bring decades of experience working with districts, state and local education agencies, schools, and education nonprofits.  

“We believe that by leveraging the ESC network and providing Ohio districts and schools with access to these evidence-based tools and resources, we can support leaders in making thoughtful, data-informed decisions that lead to positive outcomes for our students,” said Craig Bruford, Executive Director of the Ohio Educational Service Center Association. “This partnership with Project Evident and the Department of Education and Workforce exemplifies our members’ commitment to supporting district and school leaders in creating effective learning environments.” 

For more information about the workshops and how to participate, click here

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