Equitable Outcomes Wallet

Become a Technical Assistance Partner

Connecting organizations with evidence-related expertise.

The Equitable Outcomes Wallet provides a strategic opportunity for nonprofit organizations to access evidence-related technical assistance (TA), provided by Project Evident and a coalition of dedicated, knowledgeable, and thoughtful partners. TA providers offer expertise in data, evidence, finance, leadership, outcomes-based budgeting, strategic communications, and strategy—free of cost—to support organizations in adapting programs, improving data and evidence generation and use, and strengthening equitable outcomes for those individuals served. This approach allows for flexible, tailored engagements to meet the needs of an organization at any stage of their respective data and evidence capacity building journey. 

The Wallet aims to provide TA services to organizations that are early in their data and evidence journey, particularly those that are under-resourced or led by women and/or BIPOC. 

Technical Assistance Engagements

Are you a TA provider interested in helping organizations further their impact, build data capacity, and tell their story? The Wallet is building a broad and diverse pool of partners and will connect TA partners (paid by Project Evident) to nonprofits (free of cost to them). Engagements will vary in size and scope based upon organizational needs, and might include:

  • Webinars/Master Classes (Online Learning): Lighter-touch learning opportunities  related to critical topics on data, evidence, planning, leadership, communications, and recovery.
  • Curated Content: Providing practitioners with access or direction toward curated content that leverages the vast range of existing content or instructional materials.
  • Coaching: Coaching and guidance for individual organizations, with a focus on addressing a specific challenge. Meetings may take place 1-2x per month over a period of several months up to a year.
  • Diagnostics: Provision of guidance and/or navigation around a specific issue designed to help an organization identify and take action on a next step in their evidence building journey. Meetings are designed to occur over a focused period of time (for example, 2-5 meetings over the course of a month).
  • Custom Engagements: Individualized consulting engagements across equitable data and evaluation capacity, finance/scenario planning, and communications. Engagement sizes may fall between ~25-150 hrs.

Functional Areas

  • Acquiring new data systems
  • Building leadership and/or staff’s ability to use data for decision making
  • Building staff skills to collect, analyze, interpret, and report data
  • Designing and executing a data strategy (e.g. theory of change, measurement and learning plan)
  • Developing or improving tools and processes to collect, analyze, report, and use data
  • Embedding equity in data use
  • Fostering a learning culture
  • Increasing data staff capacity
  • Upgrading existing data systems
  • Other (as we learn the needs of the practitioners)

Additionally, we expect engagements to span many domains, including but not limited to: Child Welfare; Community Development; Criminal Justice & Re-Entry; Early Childhood Education; Employment and Training; Food Insecurity; Health; Housing; K-12 Education; Post-Secondary Education; Social Justice & Advocacy; and Youth Development. 

The Equitable Outcomes Wallet seeks TA partners who are passionate about helping organizations harness the power of equitable data and evidence, allowing these organizations to close associated evidence and funding gaps in the service of equitable outcomes. TA partners are expected to bring a wealth of experience engaging directly with and on behalf of community-based organizations across a range of sizes, scope, and maturity. TA partners, with Project Evident as an intermediary, will facilitate engagements and ensure the goals and quality of the engagement are achieved.

Becoming an Equitable Outcomes Wallet Technical Assistance Partner 


Interested TA partners, either individuals or TA organizations, should submit the online interest form. Applications are processed on a rolling basis. 

If you require assistance or additional information please email wallet@projectevident.org


Compensation for this role is on a contract basis. Hourly rate will be negotiated upon acceptance to become part of the TA Partner Pool.


The Equitable Outcomes Wallet seeks to cultivate a diverse, efficient and flexible partner pool that will help support and uplift organizations in their data and evidence building journey. 

Upon entry to our TA Partner pool, the team will provide additional guidance on our vetting and matching process to practitioners. 


Knowledge, skills & abilities:

  • Experience working with diverse communities and a deep commitment to learning, performance, racial equity, and building a culture of belonging. 
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, with a proven ability to write, copy and edit clear and concise narratives and presentations. 
  • High level of competence in portraying complex content in a clear, concise, and compelling manner.
  • Proven ability to work under tight timelines, accurately assess problems, and develop solutions.
  • Experience working with nonprofits, and/or intermediaries or social programs that serve disadvantaged populations.
  • Extremely strong organizational and time management skills, ability to prioritize tasks, multi-task and both start and complete projects on tight deadlines.
  • Impeccable attention to detail and extremely high standards for accuracy. 
  • Excellent project management skills with great attention to detail and ability to multitask.
  • Comfortable in a virtual, distributed environment with fast deadlines.
Education & Prior Experience

Work Experience includes minimum of: 

  • 5+ Years of professional experience
  • 2+ Years of consultative/technical assistance
  • 2+ Years of domain experience 
  • Experience in management, strategy, operations, and/or project management roles

Educational Requirements:

  • We consider lived/worked experiences along with Bachelor’s, Masters, PhD or other professional degrees and certifications.